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Mark Preston, Architect

P.O. Box 66359
Burien, Washington 98166-0359

Phone: (206) 433-8998
Fax:   (206) 901-0062


Mr. Preston oversees the project team of in-house production staff and coordination of outside consultants for successful project completion and client satisfaction. He meets with potential clients, reviews proposed scope of work and prepares initial fee proposals. Contracts are typically prepared using standard AIA Contract Forms and/or letters of agreement. Working in conjunction with the Owner, Mr. Preston will establish and maintain project schedules, budgets, and assistance with program development. Public hearing presentations are made, as applicable. Preston Architecture possesses an unblemished project completion record.

Additionally, Mr. Preston has strong interview presentation skills, this due to being a frequent shortlist selection for a variety of projects.

Preston Architecture offers great familiarity with various design processes for both private and public sector projects. He maintains a thorough knowledge of the Uniform Building Code and experience with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes, along with an awareness of the requirements of various local zoning and environmental codes. The firm has provided plan review assistance with the local county building department.

Reports have been authored on facilities / program analysis and long-range building evaluation studies. Strong and thorough construction drawings and specifications are developed, resulting in an excellent bidding and change order record. Projects, beginning in June 1992, are completed with computer-aided design and drafting (CADD). Additional services can include preparation of public advertisements for bidding, addendum for bidding contractors, and participation in bid openings.

Full-construction administration duties include pre-construction meetings with general contractors, Owners and major sub-contractors, regular site reviews and meetings for progress reports and payments, change order negotiations and preparation, documentation of Work in progress, compilation of as-built drawings and punchlists (verification of Work in place), final project closeout, and administration of its associated paperwork (Certificate of Substantial Completion, Consent of Surety for Release of Liens, Final Payment, Release of Retainage, etc.).

Post-construction services include start-up assistance, record drawings, warranty review and post-construction evaluation.


Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design, University of Washington (Seattle), June 1978


State of Washington Registration # 4455

State of California Registration # 22375

State of Washington Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)

State of Texas Registration # 25218

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